Bovine Surgery and Lameness, 2nd Edition

About Bovine Surgery and Lameness

Book Bovine Surgery and Lameness Published in 2005 and the writer of the Veterinary Science medical book A. David Weaver , Guy St. Jean , Adrian Steiner  veterinary books free download find All surgery presents a series of challenges, and this accounts for the popularity of the discipline in both the veterinary and medical professions.
The challenges in bovine surgery differ from those met by the companion
animal surgeon.

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The first is the economic question: is surgery economically justified? The balance of a judgement to perform a caesarean section on a heifer with dystocia rather than to salvage the animal may be a fine one. This is rarely so in the companion animal field. Humane considerations often complicate an otherwise simple problem. Other challenges include the anatomical knowledge pertinent to the procedure, the method of restraint and analgesia or anaesthesia,

The demands of manual dexterity, and the physical stress imposed on patient and surgeon alike, when surgery must be performed in a sub-optimal environment, which may be the corner of a field or a dark spot in a dusty cowshed.

Topics Cover the Book

  • General Considerations and Anaesthesia
  • Head and Neck Surgery
  • Abdominal Surgery
  • Female Urinogenital Surgery
  • Teat Surgery
  • Male Urinogenital Surgery
  • Lameness
  • Further Reading
  • Abbreviations
  • Useful Addresses

Bovine Surgery and Lameness Veterinary Book

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  • Book Name Bovine Surgery and Lameness
  • Publish Year 2nd Edition
  • Author Name 2005
  • Total Number of Pages 291
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  • Size:           3.6 MB

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