Bovine Surgery and Lameness, 3rd Edition By A. David Weaver

About Bovine Surgery and Lameness

Book Bovine Surgery and Lameness Published in 2018 and the writer of the Veterinary Science medical book A. David Weaver , Owen Atkinson , Guy St. Jean , Adrian Steiner veterinary books free f the first two editions of “Bovine Surgery and
Lameness”, the third edition has some changes in its format. However, the
emphasis of this paperback, designed to be available in the car for easy access
(rather than gathering dust on the practice bookshelf), has the same aims as its predecessors.

Bovine Surgery and Lameness, 3rd Edition By A. David Weaver

It should give the “nuts and bolts” or “how to . . .” of the previous editions. It has an additional author, Owen Atkinson, a dairy consultant veterinarian who has over twenty years experience of intensive dairy cattle practice in England. Owen has completely rewritten the lameness chapter, and has also reorganised the introductory sections to give greater emphasis to supportive therapy and certain selected diagnostic procedures

Bovine Surgery and Lameness, 2nd Edition

Topics Cover the Book

  • General considerations and anaesthesia
  • Fluid and supportive therapy
  • Diagnostic techniques and procedures
  • Head and neck surgery
  • Abdominal surgery
  • Female urinogenital surgery
  • Teat surgery
  • Male urinogenital surgery
  • Musculoskeletal conditions and lameness

Bovine Surgery and Lameness Veterinary Book

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    • Book Name Bovine Surgery and Lameness
    • Publish Year 3rd Edition
    • Author Name 2018
    • Total Number of Pages 378
    • Download:  Links
    • Size:  55 Mb
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