BSAVA Manual of Practical Veterinary Nursing Book

About BSAVA Manual of Practical Veterinary Nursing

Book BSAVA Manual of Practical Veterinary Nursing Published in 2015 and the writer of the Veterinary Science medical book by Elizabeth Mullineaux , Marie Jones , AJ Pearson veterinary books The profession of veterinary nursing is moving forward with strength and confidence. Veterinary practice has changed dramatically over the years, not only in technical advances but also in the way veterinary nurses are employed.

BSAVA Manual of Practical Veterinary Nursing Book

In years past, veterinary nurses were largely underused; today veterinary
nurses have become an indispensable part of the veterinary care team and true professionals in their own right.

Veterinary nursing of exotics pets second edition

The number and diversity of skills required of veterinary nurses has greatly expanded since the previous edition of this manual. Therefore the need for a new BSAVA Manual, which can be used by qualified and student veterinary nurses to meet today’s requirements in veterinary practice.

Topics Cover the Book

  • Professional responsibilities of the veterinary nurse
  • Client communication and advice
  • Laura Nicholls, Maggie Shilcock, Sarah Heath and Freda Scott-ParkPractical pharmacy for veterinary nurses
  • Heather Roberts and Sally Anne Argyle
  • Managing clinical environments, equipment and materials
  • An introduction to care and monitoring of the inpatient
  • The nursing process and nursing models
  • Triage and emergency nursing
  • Practical fluid therapy
  • Medical nursing
  • Practical laboratory techniques
  • Diagnostic imaging techniques
  • Anaesthesia and analgesia
  • Wound management, dressings and bandages

BSAVA Manual of Practical Veterinary Nursing Veterinary Book

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    • Book Name BSAVA Manual of Practical Veterinary Nursing
    • Publish Year Formerly BSAVA Manual of Veterinary Nursing
    • Author Name 2015
    • Total Number of Pages 418
    • Download:  Links
    • Size:  50 Mb
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