Small Animal Medical Differential Diagnosis 2nd Edition By Mark S. Thompson

About Small Animal Medical Differential Diagnosis

Book Small Animal Medical Differential Diagnosis Published in 2014 and the writer of the Veterinary Science medical book Mark S. Thompson veterinary books As with the first edition, the lists are divided into three parts and serve as a concise guide to the differential diagnosis, etiology, laboratory abnormalities, and classification of clinical signs and medical disorders in dogs and cats. Part One contains lists based
on clinical signs that may be identified by the clinician.

Small Animal Medical Differential Diagnosis 2nd Edition By Mark S. Thompson

Part Two approaches differential diagnosis from a systems perspective. Fifteen body systems are represented. Part Three once again is a quick reference of laboratory tests and gives typical normal ranges and differential diagnoses based on test results.

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Overall the book comprises 400 lists, 60 of which are new to this edition. In all lists an attempt has been made to prioritize them from least common to most common

Topics Cover the Book

  • Henry and Higginbotham: Cancer Management in Small
    Animal Practice
  • Beaver: Canine Behavior: Insights and Answers
  • andsberg: Handbook of Behavior Problems of the Dog and Cat,
  • Bonagura: Kirk’s Current Veterinary Therapy
  • Maggs et al: Slatter’s Fundamentals of Veterinary
  • Willard and Tvedten: Small Animal Clinical Diagnosis by
    Laboratory Methods
  • Fossum: Small Animal Surgery

Small Animal Medical Differential Diagnosis Veterinary Book

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    • Book Name Small Animal Medical Differential Diagnosis
    • Publish Year 2014
    • Author Name Mark S. Thompson
    • Total Number of Pages 364
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    • Size:  3.6
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