Exotic Animal Formulary 5th Edition Free Veterinary book Download

About Exotic Animal Formulary

Book Exotic Animal Formulary Published in 2012 and the writer of the Veterinary Science medical book Carpanter James veterinary books

Exotic Animal Formulary 5th Edition Free Veterinary book Download

The only drug formulary on the market created solely for the treatment of exotic animals, Exotic Animal Formular, 5th Edition addresses the most common questions and medical situations encountered in clinical practice.

Treatment and Care of the Geriatric Veterinary Patient

Acid-Base and Electrolyte Handbook for Veterinary Technicians

Using clear, current recommendations on drugs, indications, and dosages, this text helps you find the information you need fast. Written by clinical and research veterinarian James Carpenter, it includes biological tables with details on therapies and diets, normal blood parameters of common species, venipuncture sites, differential diagnosis, and medical protocols for common conditions. This thoroughly revised edition includes coverage of antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiparasitic agents, along with new chapters on invertebrates, backyard poultry and waterfowl, compound medications, and more!

Topics Cover the Book

  • General Principles of Designing a Nutrition Experiment
  • Most Common Designs and Understanding Their Limits
  • Practical Relevance of Test Diets
  • Characterization of the Experimental Diets
  • Measurements of Nutrients and Nutritive Value
  • Designing, Conducting and Reporting Swine and Poultry Nutrition Research
  • Extending the Value of the Literature: Data Requirements for
    Holo-analysis and Interpretation of the Outputs
  • Presentation and Publication of Your Data

Exotic Animal Formulary Veterinary Book

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    • Book Name Exotic Animal Formulary
    • Publish Year 2012
    • Author Name Carpanter James
    • Total Number of Pages 66
    • Download:  Links
    • Size:  14.4
    • Password: vetbk.com

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