Veterinary Microbiology 3rd Edition

About Veterinary Microbiology

Book Veterinary Microbiology Published in 2013 and the writer of the Veterinary Science medical book D. Scott McVey, Melissa Kennedy, and M.M. Chengappa The scope of this book is intended to be general to appeal both to beginning students of veterinary sciences and to seasoned veterinary practitioners and scientists.

Like many textbooks, this book will hopefully be a strong starting place for the study of veterinary infectious diseases as well as a good reference text. The content emphasizes diseases that occur in North America, but many global, transboundary disease content is included.

The first section of the book is an introduction to infectious disease  athogenesis, diagnosis, and clinical management. These chapters are intended to provide a basis of understanding and discussion for later chapters describing specific organisms and diseases. The second section
describes bacterial and fungal pathogens.

Topics Cover the Book

  • Bacteria and fungi
  • Viruses
  • Clinical Applications
  • Pathogenesis of Viral Diseases
  • Parvoviridae and Circoviridae
  • Asfarviridae and Iridoviridae
  • Papillomaviridae and Polyomaviridae
  • Adenoviridae
  • Anaplasmataceae: Ehrlichia and Neorickettsia
  • Anaplasmataceae: Anaplasma
  • Bartonellaceae
  • Yeasts—Cryptococcus, Malassezia, and Candida

Veterinary Microbiology Veterinary Book

  • Book Name Veterinary Microbiology
  • Publish Year 3rd edition
  • Author Name 2013
  • Total Number of Pages 648

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